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Fire Hose

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Emergency medical services (EMS) continues to be one of the highest priorities of the Carol Stream Fire District. The District currently has 50 licensed paramedics. Every emergency vehicle is staffed with paramedics who arrive on the scene prepared to provide the highest level of pre-hospital care, including administering medication, performing advanced airway procedures and using cardiac monitors/defibrillators while assessing and treating patients.  All paramedics operate in the Central DuPage Hospital EMS system, which is in Region 8.


The District operates three advanced life support (ALS) ambulances and one reserve ALS ambulance. Each is staffed with two paramedics when responding to an emergency. In addition, the District's fire engine, tower ladder and rescue squad carry ALS equipment and are staffed by three to four firefighters who are also paramedics or EMT's. These fire crews respond with the ambulances on critical calls to provide additional manpower and support.

Ambulance Fees

Since tax dollars do not cover the full cost for ambulance services, the Carol Stream Fire District, like most fire districts, does charge for transporting a patient to the hospital.The District uses an ambulance billing service, Andres Ambulance Billing, that submits these claims to the patient's health insurance company. Once the insurance company processes a claim, non-residents are then billed for the remainder. Carol Stream residents transported by the Carol Stream Fire District are NOT billed for any amounts not covered by insurance. The District waives that portion of residents' ambulance fees. Click here to view our Emergency Medical services Billing ordinance.