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Fire Hose


The Carol Stream Fire District provides a variety of services to businesses within its boundaries. 

The Fire Prevention Bureau employs two full-time inspectors who routinely inspect all commercial and multi-tenant properties to identify health and life safety issues. The inspectors work with business owners and property managers to ensure that any violations identified during inspections are rectified, ensuring the safety of employees, business patrons and emergency responders who might frequent the location.

The District also works in conjunction with the Village of Carol Stream for new construction and remodels within its boundaries.  Inspectors trained in NFPA codes review fire sprinkler and alarm plans submitted to the Village and participate in final inspections of properties as needed.

Businesses interested in conducting on-site training for its employees should contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 630-668-4836.  The District offers on-site, group CPR and fire extinguisher training for a small fee.